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Introducing the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, the first residential elevator that runs merely by the forces of gravity.

Step into the capsule, we’re blasting off…
In the previous century this vision was simply a figure of our imaginations, a device people would only dream about. Now in the 21st century, anybody can blast off in their very own residential capsule! It is the vacuum created by the turbines that gently pull you up to the next floor, and the slow release of air pressure that floats you down. This unique self-supporting elevator comes in 2 compact sizes, can operate up to 35 feet floor to floor height, maximum 4 stops with no pit or hoist way required.

There are three main parts to the Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator:
  • The internal cabin, made of steel, including brakes and safety mechanisms.
  • The external cylinder, made up of an aluminium frame and polycarbonate transparent walls.
  • The head compartment, which houses the turbines (vacuum pump) and the controller board.
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