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Use any stairs with ease
Convenience serves people… and the lifting equipment of Freelift had been doing just that for more than 120 years. With technical perfection, intelligent solutions and safe applications, Freelift’s innovations have provide not only greater comfort, but also more attractive stairlifts... in your style, your color, your taste. Top quality in all respects makes the Freelift a valuable asset for your independence. Some 35,000 satisfied users experience that every day.

We start with precise measurements at your home. Then all materials and products are prepared optimally in our own factory. Freelift after all designs develops and manufactures the stairslifts itself. Only one day is required to fit everything correctly and to supply it ‘complete’. Because of its design and color scheme the Freelift is a ‘natural’ element in everybody’s interior.

After installation you will be provided with a clear explanation of the operation. The consultant will take the time to practice everything with you until you are completely familiar with the lift. In this way you will be able to use your comfortable new Freelift stair safely for many years.

Freelift stair lifts are 100% Dutch product and each type is named after Dutch Master of art such as Mondriaan, Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Vermeer.

For straight staircases: The Mondriaan. This Stairlift is extremely compact and saves a lot of room. It is whisper silent, safe and very suitable for narrow and steep staircases.

For the outer curve of staircases: The Van Gogh. The rail of the Van Gogh stair lift occupies very little staircase space and is attached along the wall side of the staircase. You retain in this way an attractive view of the entire staircase during the ride.

For the inner curve of staircases: The Rembrandt. The Rembrandt stair lift is attached to the inside of the staircase and it takes a shorter time to go upstairs. The advantage of this is that other residents are able to use the broad section of the staircase.

For several floors: The Vermeer. The Vermeer stair lift had been developed for several floors and employs a narrow rail that is attached to the inside curve of the staircase.

Freelift develops its products to address the preferences ansd capacities of clients. That is why we talk extensively with future and experienced Freelift users. Our findings are translated as accurately as possible into our products, resulting in a contemporary package of options. That is how we respond to your questions, requirements and expectations and fulfill them with high-quality materials combined with up-to-date technology.
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